Grateful. Blessed. to have you!

Dear Nico,

Oh God! I will never forget how weird we have met each other  for the first time. It was so funny and it makes me smile just by thinking about it. You made my U.S journey complete. Thank you for giving me the chance to know you and I hope to meet you deeper. I miss your bright eyes that everytime you stare at me, I feel like falling but having no assurance of you catching me. Thank You! I will always be here for you, waiting. I am so happy that even if you are so busy, you are taking time to chat me which I appreciate so much. By the way, I love pure dark coffee hahaha I hope you will find a guy that will give you flowers everyday, chocolates or a guy that will go with you in the movies. If you will not see that kind of guy, I VOLUNTEER! HAHAHAHAHAHA, kidding aside. I will always be here to support you for your dreams, for your future. At least by doing that, I can contribute to your success.  Please take care of yourself. I am in New York now and I can’t wait to explore this city! To go to Central Park and Museums. I just don’t want to disturb you. If you need me, don’t worry, you can always call me 24/7 and I will always be ready to send my hugs and kisses! You are the best person I have ever met. You really changed me, the way I see life. I am going to plant me and grow me. You know what Nic-nic? Even if we just had a small time knowing each other, I fell in love. I don’t care if you think it’s too early, I just fell this way. I don’t even know why. You inspire me! Everyday. I hope that you will have a great stay in Cali. I will never ever forget you, always in my heart. Always.

Mahal kita! ❤ Te quiero a ti. 

PS: There is Jollibee in California too. If you miss me, go eat there! Hahaha  ❤ 

with so much Love,

Johny Boy. 🙂


Tasha: original

Dear Tasha, 

Hi Tashang! haha Remember when you first approached us and asked where we from at the shuttle? we became friends because of that. Thank you for being so nice to us. Hope i could buy some medicine to your Pharmacy someday! i believe in you, You are a woman, not a girl. You have to show me Jamaica!!!!! Stay what you are Tashang! i love you. ❤ Take care of yourself and always pray! God bless you. ❤

Love, kisses and hugs.

John ❤ 

Tee-Tee: The sweetest of them all

Dear Tee-tee,

Hi tee-tee!!! i dont know why i always want to see you at work. maybe because you are sooooooooooooooooo sweet, the way you talk, and your voice is so sweet. Imagine, when you are so tired and you heard that sweet voice. hehe 🙂 We have 1 yr left for school, hoping for your great career tee-tee! i love you and see you when i see you. Sending love and kisses for you. You’re always here in my heart! ❤ 

Hanggang sa muli! God Bless.


John ❤

Zayd: the super cool

Dear Zayd,

Can i have a request? if we will see each other again, talk slowly. hahahahaha i will miss you too! your hair, the way you walk (hahaha) fearlessly!!! Your curry-chicken is the best! cook for me again soon! God bless you Zayd and your family! miss you guys already! mahal kita zayd! ❤ Me ah go wom lol

Edit: hahahaha Thank you for coming to out apartment just to gave us hugs. Always in my heart! ❤ Wah Gwan


John ❤

Sashamoy: The most adorable

Dear Sashamoy,

Hi to the most adorable jamaican girl! i will miss you a lot. i swear! If you need advice, just message me, if you need a friend, call me! i’m always here for you. Thank you for our friendship, i will keep this until my last breath. I still hate C++!!! haha I love you sha! See you soon.

PS: take care of yourself, always pray. mahal kita! ❤



Tuwanie: My forever bombshell ( sometimes very ugly) jamaican friend

Dear Tuwanie,

I hate to say goodbye, but i just wanna say that you are so beautiful, the most beautiful jamaican girl for me. If you need me or you need a hug, just read this. Always remember that i’m always here for you ready to send my warmest hug i can give thru snapchat hahaha! love you from the bottom of my butt.  hahaha Hoping for the best! hope to see you tuwaneh! ❤ Mahal kita!

God Bless you and your family.

sending hugs and kisses!!


Ahmed: the taser man

Dear Ahmed, 

Dude!!! haha It was very nice to meet you. U are so humble and very annoying at the same time! I will put our friendship into my pocket and no can steal it. i know someday, u will be so famous on your soccer career and will play on world cup. And im here supporting  #TeamUruguay! hahaha hope to see you very soon. If you miss me, (i hope you will) hahaha use your taser to urself! 🙂 Thank you for everything, for your kindness. 

Much Love, 

Bugsh/Bugush/Cardi B